Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not much new

Not much new happening around these parts the last couple days. Pretty quiet to be honest, which isn't a bad thing considering the next couple weeks are nuts. Again, I've lost my groove on the photos, maybe cause I exhausted my lens on the weekend.

DAY 42 - All Smiles

Took this shot of my squad coming in off the field from giving everyone high 5's. Shot in Portrait mode, ISO 400.

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lights (sun), Camera (In hand), Action (The Slide)

There's nothing like a weekend spent at the ball park. Great friends, great times, mixed with a drink or two and you've got yourself some serious fun.

My weekend was to be that of only spectation, not playing. But before I got tossed into the game, I managed to get some great action shots of Chicago or Deep Dish, whichever you prefer. lol!

Now I don't slide for the life of me. Not sure what it is, maybe it's cause I'm running to fast to think of sliding and that by the time I do think of it I am already at the bag or simply don't want to turn my leg into hamburger. Or maybe it's because I wear a skirt to play ball. Yes, you read it correctly...I wear a skirt and maybe it's cause I don't want to get "dirt in my skirt". Cause the good lord only knows where the dirt will go. Yikes!

So I enlisted Chicago to do a little demo for us. I used the sports mode on the good ol' camera to capture the how to of sliding.

DAY 41 - How to slide into base

First keep up your speed on reaching the bag. There is nothing more humilitating than coming up short of the bag. Yes, I am speaking from experience thank you very much.

Prepare for the slide, start tucking your inner leg while outstretching outer leg to the base and start to allow your body to go down. But not too hard that you land with a thud. This is usually where I start to think of sliding, but by now, it's too late.

Now that you are on the ground sliding, make sure you have your inner leg tucked nicely under your outer thigh, this will ensure your butt cheek will come out with minor injuries.

Then using your inner leg pop yourself up all in one motion. Sounds easy huh?? It is if you like to slide.

It sounds easy in my mind, but I'm still not convinced sliding is for me. Guess we will see what the season has in store.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baseball, Birthday parties and Freedom

This weekend was like every other weekend around here. BUSY! Saturday Regan and I watched my other ball team "Buzz the Tower" play ball, then we were off to do some shopping, Birthday party, then BBQ and margaritas. Sunday, Regan went to his dad's and I went to watch some ball and take some more photos. Well that ended up with me playing ball...uggh! It was too hot to be playing but it was FUN! We lost in the "A" Final but for a throw together team, we did awesome.

During the day 3 F-18 fighter jets were doing fly by's, manuevors, and circling the diamonds. My friend Knox (Krista) made mention how we are fortunate to have the freedom where we do not have to hear the sounds of a fighter planes overhead every day. For us it's a novelty to see them or witness them fly over our city. The thought of living like so many in war ravaged Afghanistan or any other war torn country is unfathomable. For many to enjoy the simple freedoms of being able to play baseball, to celebrate a birthday party is probably unheard of. But living in fear of when that next bomb will drop or implode and fear if they step wrong they may not see tomorrow. And as I sat here tonight, uploading photos of the weekend's festivities, sitting in my house, watching tv and eating a bowl of lucky charms it struck me even more how lucky we as Canadians are.

DAY 39 and 39a

DAY 38 - Thunder Clouds

DAY 37 - Swathed

Happy Sunday!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where the path takes you

Working full time is great but it really does cut into ones, extra curricular activities like playing with the boys, taking a photo a day, laundry, dishes...ugghhh, if only there were more hours between home time and bedtime so it didn't see like such a blur.

Everyone's path leads them in different directions and takes them to places unknown. That's the best part, forging unknown territory. My path keeps twisting and curving along and hopefully one day it finally straighten out to where I can just cruise along for a while and enjoy the views ahead.

DAY 36 - Follow your path - Shot in Portrait mode, ISO 200.

Only one more sleep til the weekend and Capital X...should be fun...hello mini donuts :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 35

Well, I promised I'd have a new photo for you all today and here she is. Nothing fancy nothing extravagant. Just finding my groove again.

DAY 35 - Red Winged Blackbird, Shot in Macro, ISO 100, f5.6

Have a wonderful evening!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DAY 34

I'm finding it difficult these last two days to find inspiration. My body has been zapped of energy and my eyes are starting to look like I've been on a bender for a week. I'm trying not to think about why he did what he did. But I have to respect his decision and I'm probably one of the few people who actually do understand his complex self. But life goes on, even when you don't want it to.

I cheated again on my Challenge. I took this shot of my friend Jose while waiting anxiously for the hit. I shot in AP, at ISO 200, f5.6.

Other shots using the same function

Tomorrow will be a better day and I will have fresh new photo to share.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Child's Play

Today was one of those days, you wished you never got out of bed for. It was a grey, windy, rainy day. Should have known better than to step foot outside. Oh well, the day is almost over and I am quite happy for it to be over. Worst day I've had in a long time.

Picking up pieces was something I wasn't expecting to have to do today. Sometimes life takes you in so many different directions that you just learn to go with the flow. I learned that I more intelligent than i was giving myself credit for. I dumbed down for others, so I didn't seem superior. And after awhile it just became the norm. Then he came along and all that changed. I discovered I have a passion for Human and Civil rights, that I have thirst to learn about the environment, mammals, birds. I also discovered that shrews will not attack you even though they sound like they will rip your limbs off when rustling through the ground cover! Yep, true story right there! I rediscovered that I like to hike and be outdoors. It's gonna be weird without him around.

As I uploaded pictures tonight, I found myself admiring the spirit of the children. They are carefree, no worries, nothing. They run, they play and live with intent. The only thing they care about is when its snack They aren't at the age where they have to worry if they will get their heartbroken or their dreams won't come true. They live for the moment and do what comes naturally to them.

My shot for day 33 is of my little guy Carter. He's 18 months and he drives me nuts. God honest truth. If he wasn't as cute as he is, well...but when I look at his pictures, he doesn't have a care in the world. He loves to run, let the wind ruffle what hair he has, laughs, clings to me, runs, clings to me some more and then he's off again.

DAY 33

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw

Happy Monday!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Carter's Photo Shoot

Today my baby boy came home. I missed him a ton. He changes so much in a week while he's at his dad's. The best is when he sees me he yells "Mommy!!!" And comes running, throws his arms up in the air, scoop him up and he tucks his head on my shoulder for a snuggle and pats my back and I just melt like a marshmallow. Almost makes me tear up typing it.

When I first see him he appears taller, more slender and not a pudgy little baby anymore but my little boy. Plus he always has a slough of new words and phrases. He's got a new saying, "Mom, I got boogies" and points to his nose. Aww makes every mom proud to hear that. The joys of having boys.

So my baby and I went for a walk on our favourite trail and I took the opportunity to try out my new lens on him. We had alot of fun. He's such a little ham for the camera too.

DAY 30 - Little Legs. Shot in Macro, ISO 100

I could post so many more as there are WAY too many to choose from but these are my favourites thus far.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello, My Name is "Grace"

For being somewhat of an athletic person, one would think said athletic person should move with ease and with grace. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! As if. I am about as graceful as a Goose doing a rendition of Swan Lake! I swear God should have given me 2 left feet instead of a right and a left. At least this way I would have some sort of excuse when I tripped or stumble for no apparent reason.

Today is a prime example. Went out for a walk by my little pond just north of the house, to try my hand at my new little toy...Canon 55-250mm lens!! OMG! I am in heaven! LOVE IT! So, back to the story at hand, as I was walking along, noticed something diving in and out of the water that was alot bigger than a muskrat, so me in my infinite wisdom investigated what this creature was. As I crept closer to the shore of the pond, I noticed it was in fact a beaver!! And he was coming in my direction!!! Eeeee!!! So excited that I got myself in position for the "perfect photo". As I readied, he ambled his large framed body up on the shore, and just as he was about to nibble on the tree, and I to get the "perfect photo" fell. That critter took one look at me and bolted. I don't blame him I would too! Lol!!

Darn it. But the little bugger didn't get the best of me. Ha ha! I followed the water loving critter til he came ashore again and managed to get him having a bath.

DAY 28 - Clearly Canadian

Photo was shot in Portait mode, ISO 200. Cropped photo to enhance the critter.

DAY 29 - Mama Duck, shot in Portrait mode, ISO 200, Cropped photo and added a soft focus to deter the distraction of the tall weeds.

Happy Thursday!!


R & R

Well a friend of mine came home and we managed to hang out and spend some time together. His dog came home too and I managed to get some puppy time in as well. Trapper is a interesting dog, he has quite the personality. And unfortunately Trapper does not like cats so only thought this was fitting.

While I was out there, I managed to snap a photo of the fuzzy mutt.

DAY 27 - Trapper

Photo was shot in Macro with ISO at 200. Edited photo to black and white.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Mother Nature's Gone Menopausal

Only in Alberta can you go from scorching temperatures where even in the shade you sweat to gale force winds, pouring rain, broken tree branches etc. You dress for all 4 seasons and have your vehicle packed the same. Cause you never know what season may approach you when you least expect it.

When I left work today, it was a nice little rain only to look out my window when I got home to a downpour. So my inqusitive self thought I would peek out my front door and see what was happening there only to find this...

My very own lake!! Oh happy day!! Not so much. Now most people would love to have a lake out front of their front door, but not when it's murky, yucky and gunky. I am sure if my boys were home oh the FUN they would have!! I'd have to put water wings on Carter cause he'd going billowing through that sucker like a stampeding herd of Hippos, cause you know he's so petit and all. Ha!! Water and mud would be flying all over. Let's just say I am thankful they are not home.

So upon further inspection I found this as well...

The lake broke bank and is spilling over the driveway! Oiy!!

Despite the downpour and howling winds, I managed to capture my photo for today (despite getting soaked right through).

DAY 26 - Plops - shot in AV

Hopefully tomorrow I don't wake up to snow!


Little Miss "Bee"

Miss "Bee" as I will call her is an absolute doll. She's the chubbiest little girl going and has the biggest smile to go with it. She has crazy hair just like her daddy and has her mama's beautiful sparkling eyes.

Miss "Bee" was the belle of the ball park Sunday afternoon. She stole the show with her giggles and smiles. Anyone who walked past couldn't help but smile back or almost break out in laughter when they saw she was playing with her brother's wrestling guys. No Barbie's for this girl...hello G.I. Joe and WWE Wrestling action figurines.

DAY 25 - Cutest Little "Bee"hind Going

Other photos of Miss "Bee"

Miss "Bee" it was a pleasure capturing your beautiful little self!! Can't wait to do it again!!


Put me in Coach!!

I'm quite glad the weekend is over to be honest with you. It was a long one. 6 games of ball in only 2 days and with only 4 girls on the roster to 7 guys. Something's definitely wrong with that picture. But we 4 are troopers; we toughed out the wind, rain, and heat and even managed to put a dent into Lance's trusty old Jimmy BUffet Margarita Maker...omg were they good! Yummm!!!

Aside from the success of the "Buffet", it was a successful weekend too. My team "Buzz the Tower" took home the B Division final. It was a great achievement considering we were a bunch of throw togethers and only a handful of us actually play on the same team. We came with a couple extra bucks in our pockets and flashy new hoodies too! Thanks to Coach and CSA

Here is my pic for DAY 24 - Team Roster

Well I'm off to doctor my slight sunburn. Who knew at 31 you could get smarter and wear a stronger SPF!! Lol!


Friday, July 9, 2010

This bee's a buzzing

I'm that person, who when puts their mind to something, there is no changing it. Maybe that's why my Zodiac sign is Taurus and my Animal Personality is a Wolf. Check out this link for the profile. Even when I waffle back and forth on whether or not I should do it, impulse always seems to get the best of me and I charge ahead like a bull in a china shop. What can I say, apparently I've got more "risk" in me than I thought.

So when I saw this little gem on the side of the barn, I knew I just had to get that photo.

Was it worth the risk of bee stings? Worth falling on something and hurting myself? All just for a photo? You bet your arse it was. But those little suckers sure get defensive when there is an intruder close by. Sheesh!

Here's my photo for DAY 23. It was shot in Auto as I was a BIG chicken. Hehehe!

Happy Friday!!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

DAY 22

Today was a great day! And I started my new job at Flint Fabrication & Modularization. So happy to go back to "home" to my old co-workers.

Inadvertantly I planned ahead last night for today's photos. THe boys and I hung out at my friends place for an hour or so. It was nice to just kick back for a bit to watch the boys run.

Here is my pic for DAY 22.

Have a wonderful evening!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Late as usual

Never thought posting a picture a day for a year would be such a challenge. Oiy!! So here are for the last 3 days.

DAY 19

DAY 20

DAY 21

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Better late than never

With being MIA for the past couple of days, I've managed to get caught up on the photos I've taken for the Challenge. I love nature, animals, people and everything in between.

When it comes to getting "that shot" I will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means, my full attention isn't on the road as is the case on DAY 15.

DAY 18

DAY 17

DAY 16

DAY 15

DAY 14 - Happy Canada Day!!

Just a fun photo as it was a travel day!

This ol' girl is off to slumber land! Too many late nights!


Baby Sister's Wedding

It's been a madhouse around this house the last week. Supper dates, coffee dates, play dates, eyebrow appts, packing, laundry, picking up boys and heading home for dear little sisters wedding. Which i might add was an absolute BLAST!! I can't remember the last time I had that much fun at a wedding. I'm still paying the price. Lol!!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the moment of her wedding on camera. I was the Maid of Honour, with a little Ring Bearer stealing the show and ensuring that dear old Father of the Bride didn't cry. The antics...where do I begin! There was the constant "MOM! MOM! MOM!!" or the screech of a baby vulture. Oh but the best part of the whole show, was when I refused to pick him up so what does he do, lift the skirt to my dress!! OMG!! Was I horrified! Had no clue what was happening until I looked over at the groomsmen and they were laughing which in turn made me look down to find the skirt up over his head! Everyone that saw, got a good chuckle. LOL! Thankfully I was able to stop said show before it got out of hand!

But here are a few that were snapped of the special day.

It was a beautiful day and my baby sister looked radiant. I'm so happy to have a new "little" brother in my life. Can't wait to be an auntie you two!!