Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am so happy the weekend is finally over...mind you it was fun. Yesterday, R was invited to a birthday party at the Jurassic Forest just north of Gibbons. The weather was kind of gloomy and chilly, but it was a fantastic time. The kids had a blast, we got to see Dinosaurs and enjoy a yummy dish of pasta made the Master Chef Chicago himself and followed by a delicious Dinosaur cake.

Today was an even busier day, cleaned out the rest of the house, got it all moved and unpacked, went and looked at new place (keeping fingers crossed on this one!!) 3+1 bedroom (means I get a scrapbook room!!! Eeeeee!!!) But will also serve as a guest room. Then it was off to another birthday party for a sweet little girl Moo. She turned 7 today. C acted like it was his party and cried for the majority of the time. Not fun for this mama...grrr...oh well, Nana Sue's pink flower birthday cake washed it all away!!

Before I get carried away with the ramblings of the weekend, here are some of the remaining photos I have to get caught up on. I'm still about a week behind but at least it's not 2 months worth of photos!! Grab a decaf coffee or tea and kick back and enjoy.

Hope you all have an amazing week!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Land of the Living

Holy moly does time sure fly...looked at the date of my last post and it was August 18!!! YIKES!!!

Lots has happened in the course of two months. R started school, C, well C just continues to be C and I've been super busy with work, trying to a take a photo a day, find a computer that will like me and allow me to upload photos. Went camping, went to Jasper and Hinton to see an old friend, made a trip to the farm for thanksgiving and such. Ball hockey will start soon for R and then life as we know it will cease to exist. Sigh...

So since my last post was for DAY 63 I believe I have some photos to share over the last couple of months. To make it easier for moi, I am just uploading the next 63 days worth of photos in no random order.

Well that post is a little photo heavy, so enjoy, the sights, the imaginary sounds of the rushing water and have a wonderful evening!!

Kel ;)