Monday, November 29, 2010

Prayers & Tears

If every Monday turned out to be like today's, I would have to say, it could go pound sand. My mind, body and soul has been exhausetd beyond all belief. First off, my friend "A" went in for a liver transplant today due to an autoimmune condition that forced the hand. Her brave sister "CC" is definitely who would call "her sister's keeper". Nonetheless, surgery is surgery and can't wait to hear if all went well. Still praying...

Then came news that no one ever, ever wants to hear about...the death of a child. This child happened to be a friend's, friends' daughter. She was taken to Stollery and passed away this afternoon. No parent should ever have to bury their child. My heartbreaks for them and their family losing someone so little. I came home today and hugged my guys and told them repeatedly how much I loved them and pray every day nothing happens to them. They both looked at me like "who are you and why are you smothering me in kisses!" One day they will understand.

I don't know what I would do without these two monkeys...even though after the 100th time you've heard, "MOMMMMIIIEEE" screeching from the backseat, or "he's touching me or not sharing", the sass, the back talk, it's there unconditional love that wipes the slate clean or just the simple fact they gave you the puppy dog eyes and you caved lol. But nonetheless I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Having kisses and hugs every morning and night is the best gift any parent could ever have.

Just a little song, that reminds me of all the angels in heaven.

My mind hasn't stopped praying for a successful surgery, successful recovery and prayers to heal a broken heart.

Fortunately for me, I have never had to witness or bare the heartache of losing a child or someone close to me losing their child. But regardless your heartaches just the same.

I pray tonight for peace for everyone. I pray that your hurt will heal and the memories remain strong in heart and mind. I pray for recovery that is fast and as pain free it can be. I pray that tomorrow the storm clouds pass and a ray of sunshine lay at your feet.


Sunday, November 28, 2010


CFL is not my thing...NFL is. But I always seem to find myself captivated by the energy that emits when Grey Cup rolls around. This year the 98th Grey Cup is hosted in the City of Champions, but our Eskies didn't make the cut...they were close, but they decided to go with a washed up/has been Quarterback and lost to make it to the quarter finals. :( Very sad, sad day, considering we were sitting almost dead last in the Western Division (kind of makes you think of the Oilers) Ha! Ha! And I'm a true blue/die hard Oilers fan too boot. But none the less if the Green and Gold aren't in the next best team to cheer for is the green and white...Saskatchewan Roughriders. Heaven help me for I have sinned, lol. Only for a couple hours that is until the Grey Cup is over...heee! Just a little bit of Rider Pride.

So in the mean time I figured it best I start to up date my blog with all the pics from the last few months.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time flies...

This past month has been, the boys, life in general. At work we are getting ready for the project to kick off and then get everyone hired, material received and construction can begin. The boys are busy...R is loving school and doing well. He's playing ball hockey and I have been the "bad" mama and not taken a single photo...eek! Not cool! C is his own little bundle of energy...he loves read stories, play with his Iron Man toys etc. He's a definite "mommy hunter". May have to go and get him some camo for his hunting ways. Hee!

Today driving home, and as Murphy's Law always states, when an opportunity presents itself for a picture you will never have it with you and that was the case this morning. I managed to come upon the scene of the most magnificent bird of prey the Bald Eagle and the not so magestic scavengers better know as the crows and magpies on dead critter in the ditch. It was an amazing sight to see, a bird of prey and the scavengers all converged for one purpose and one purpose only...hunger. So by the time I got the camera and went back, I had the shot lined up and some ass blasted his horn and off they all went. So here is what I managed to get.