Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gotta start somewhere

So i guess I begin with you...S&J Chute Family. They were my FIRST ever maternity photo shoot. Yep just as scared as I was to do my best friends J&C Smith Wedding...omg stomach churning and some dry heaving. Yeesh!

Despite the nerves, I had a lot of fun doing this shoot for them. Caleb was an absolute gem; Sonya looked so beautiful and radiant; and Jason, handsome and rugged as always.

But once I found my groove I got things a rolling...check them out.

Have a good one!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in store for 2011

2010 was a year of growth and reflection; I deemed it "My Year". I did alot of soul searching. With that came alot of tears, outbursts of anger, frustration hitting an all time high and the hardest of all combined, the acceptance of a past that happened for a reason.

While I was traveling down the road of memories past, a flood of memories hit me and as I was struggling to stay afloat, it was that moment where my soul came to peace with the turbulance that encompassed my life and I was able to allow myself to feel the hurt and to cry and to accept all the events that happened for a reason and yea the road was long but it has made me into the person I am today - strong, confident, driven and bubbly. Someone I had long forgotten about tee hee! With that I set goals.

Now it's 2011 and I have a fresh slate to scribble my story on...

Starting with a HUGE secret I can't reveal until later in the year...just a little project I've got in the works...SSSHHHHH...followed by numerous classes in photography, fitness and yoga;

camping and fun activities with my boys

more of these fun sessions,

and maybe even another one of these (God help me why)

lastly, I'm looking forward to putting the brakes on and stopping to smell the flowers and gaze at the stars. I can already feel the zen flowing through. Ahhh the tranquility. I'm so pumped to see how the rest of the year plays out.

And how could I forget...this little baby is on my wish list

I'll leave you for tonight with some random shots I took yesterday.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Just when I thought I was safe...

Disney has a new movie coming out this summer...Cars 2!!!! We've barely managed to get past the first Cars and now there's a second one.

Here's a snipet I stumbled upon. It looks pretty good.

The fortunate thing for me...I have a few months to prep for the madness this will create here for one little boy.

Happy Friday! Stay safe and warm!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond...

5 years ago, the only toy that really entered this house, was Lightning McQueen and friends. Everywhere you turned, there he was or one of the many Cars figurines, cars (that managed to get stepped on more often than not), bedding, blankies and clothing.

I seriously didn't think I could do another round of Cars...besides we went through one DVD already, how could we ever go through two! Lol!

But there's a new kid in town who's 2 and loves a new kind of Disney toy...Buzz Lightyear!! Everything in his little world is Buzz this and Buzz that. Carter loves to run around with his little toy Buzz and sit in his Buzz "couch" (fuzzy blue chair).

Buzz seams to be his true hero at the moment. So for his party this year it seemed only fitting to have a Toy Story themed day. This mama stepped it up a notch and made him an "Etch" cake with little green alien cupcakes. The kids were entranced by them and could hardly keep their little grubbies off of them til after supper.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where did the last two years go?

Two years ago today, at about this time, I was on my way to the Royal Alex Hospital here in Edmonton. A little bundle of joy was FINALLY and I mean FINALLY making his appearance after being 1 full week late. And let me tell you there's nothing pretty about a woman who is 41 weeks pregnant, larger than a house and has the personality of a black widow.

So when little Mr. decided to make his debut he did it in good time. A little over 3 hours he graced the world with his presence.

Life with Carter has been an adventure and definitely lots of smiles and lots of laughs. He's an amazing little boy that I can't get enough of. I am so blessed to be his mama and am looking forward to the many more adventures we have to look forward to in the future! Happy Birthday Monkey!