Sunday, April 24, 2011

Slight delay

Well, I should be basking in the sun of the Mayan Riveria and nursing a sunburn by now, but we ran into a slight hiccup. We won't be going to the Mayan but to Cabo San Lucas...can't wait!! Just as good if not better.

We leave tomorrow. For a week. Can we say EXCITED!! It's been almost 2 years since I've had a REAL holiday; no kids, no work, no worries.

I found this the other day. It's quite fitting, especially after you've had 2 kids and that rock solid body I had once upon a time, over a decade ago, existed.

I will so be hooking up with Photoshop when I get home so I don't scare you all with the bikini body I think I have...bwahahaha!

Chat with you all when I get back!

xo Kelly

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4 more sleeps

Oh how I hope these next four sleeps go by fast. Why you ask? It's because I am going on vacation to the Mayan Riveria and the kicker ITS FOR 10 DAYS!!!! Woohoo!!

10 Glorious Days of

- no kids
- no work
- no cell phones
- no computers to access work emails (well there is Wi-Fi but I am not even going to look)
- no dog
- no meals to cook...

Just good ol' fashion R&R with lots of laughs, smiles and memories!

This is where we will be staying the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort I am so pumped! Can't wait to lounge around on the beach, have me-self a couple yummy margaritas and probably a couple more. Hee!!

Speaking of Aero, here she is in some more of her photo glory.

Then I have to add just a little bit of "cheese" as my boys are full of it lol!

xo Kelly

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Furry Baby Girl

Well, shouldn't say she's really that dumb...she's too smart for her own good, is what seems to be her issue. She's a spiteful, cunning little creature that loves to push her mama and daddy over the edge some days...but she's learning. Slowly. lol!

But we love her more and more each day. It's hard to believe the little ball of fur that took up no more than a couple squares on the floor is now a 40 lb ball of slobber and paws.

xoxo Kelly

Thursday, April 14, 2011

catching up

Pretty low key these days...sick kids, work is insane, and the darn snow returned. Just some random photos for your enjoyment.

Carter's race track

Left over BBQ chicken sandwich...oh yum!

Banana Chocolate Chip die for!

Stay warm!

xoxo Kelly