Wednesday, August 18, 2010

21 days of catch up...

I'm so far behind I'm ahead...I've managed to get caught up on the past 21 days but I still have 6 to upload...hopefully soon!!

Who would have thought in all the places in Alberta you find the "catch of the day" plowing through the Red Deer River by Content Bridge? Just a little eye candy for those who care to indulge...tee hee!!

DAY 43

DAY 44

DAY 45

DAY 46

DAY 47

DAY 48

DAY 49

DAY 50

DAY 51

DAY 52

DAY 53

DAY 54

DAY 55

DAY 56

DAY 57

DAY 58

DAY 59

DAY 60

DAY 61

DAY 62

DAY 63

Have an amazing evening!


Was I lost...

Heavens no!! My computer died...crashed...bit it. Am I sad...oh heck ya. It's been 2.5 weeks and I still have no computer but am borrowing a dear friends' computer. Heee!!

Anyways, I have not forgotten about my challenge nor to treat you all with the comings and goings of my crazy, "sane" world I live in.

The boys, Monster and Monkey are doing fantastic. Monster is looking forward to school starting in 2 WEEKS (OMG!! I think this mama is gonna go all teary eyed!) and Monkey is Monkey. He loves to run, sing Ba-Ba Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and create his own remix of the's quite cute!!

I, myself have been uber busy at work, and am still snapping a photo each day, even though the computer has crashed and burned. I am hoping though to get my hands on one of these bad boys here...

Yes dear friends, an Apple iPad. Yep, making the jump from PC to Mac. Will I regret it, eh for maybe a couple seconds...heeee! Apparently the programing for the iPad has better programs for editing photos, movies, etc. So, why the heck not.

Other than that, there's lots more to tell but a girl can't share all her secrets just yet...the best is yet to come.

Happy Wednesday!!

Kel :)