Monday, July 16, 2012

Where has the time gone?

It's been forever since I last posted a rambling or two. 9 months to be exact. A lot has changed; developed; morphed; since our last meeting. Thing 1 has successfully advanced to grade 2; had a great lacrosse season, saving all of his goal scoring until the end of the year, better late than never I guess. He's the catch of all the little ladies in his grade and seems to have a new "girlfriend" every other day...I can't keep up! lol! Thing 2 is super stoked to be starting preschool this fall; this mama...wishing the time could stand still a little longer. He cheered mercilessly from the stands while his brother was getting rocked or scoring goals on the lacrosse field. Between you and me, he's dying to play and by the time he gets there he will be FANTASTIC like his brother. So what have "I" the mama, the chauffer, the cook, maid, doctor, nurse, lawn mower, tree pruning full time working mama of two been much time do you have!!! It's been a roller coaster ride that I could forget some parts and relish in others. I put my photography on hold while I healed somewhat and got over the insanity of the kids schedules. But here's a little snippet of things of days gone past... My New Logo
Baby Kesler
My nephew
An amazing friend and her family
And sweet baby Everleigh
I'll have some more to share tomorrow... Have an amazing evening! xo Kel

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