Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grasshoppers & Wheat Fields

Hard to believe summer is already over and Fall is gracing us with her presence. *Sigh* oh well, at least the colors are much more beautiful and i love the crispness of the mornings.

The boys and I managed some days trips here and there and I played a small amount of ball this year...and for those who know me well I live and breathe baseball and to scale back to only 4 tournaments this summer is HUGE!!

And to welcome Fall and the harvest, I got to capture my friend's beautiful baby belly over this past weekend. She's due in 13 days and looks amazing. Damn her! Lol! Just kidding. I love her and that belly to pieces.

We had such a great time doing this shoot, even when the hoppers decided it would be fun to crawl all over during a portion of the shoot. Oh what we photographers do for a good photo! lol!!

Have an amazing afternoon!

xo Kel

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